Jason Scott Medical Solutions is a professional online pharmacy. We are serving people by our cheap and legitimate services in prescription medications. We are based in Atlanta Georgia and serving our customers worldwide. We have license to sell (prescription) drugs by the way of wholesale, issued by the government of the United States. We are official partners with PharmaGen Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd and there are 7 online pharmacies partnering with us.

We do online pharmacy business by the way of wholesale and dropship both. We do serve people with our fast, secure and discreet shipping of prescription medications. So we do ship prescription drugs world wide at the doorstep of our customers with convenient and secure services.

Below is the step by step presentation of how we do business

1) Customer sends his/her order to Jason Scott Medical Solutions

2) Customer receives an order confirmation email with payment details

3) Customer sends payment for his order

4) Staff receives the order and does verification payment

5) Staff forwards the order to the shipping department

6) Shipping department packs the packages and sends on customers address through the carrier

7) Package delivered to the customer